Kick off the Canberra Long Weekend with Lights! Canberra! Action! @ Enlighten Festival on Friday 10 March. Located in the open-air surrounds of the Senate Rose Garden, this short film festival shines the spotlight on local filmmaking talent. With 10 days to film and feature 10 items from around Canberra, see an array of up-and-coming local film makers share their perspective and interpretation of this years theme – Pride.

Bring a chair or picnic blanket, grab some food and sit back to watch this year’s top 12 finalist films under the stars.

There will be live music from 7pm, films screen from 8pm followed by the awards, the event ends approx. 10pm.

For more information about the filmmakers visit the Enemies of Reality website, Facebook or Youtube.

Event Info

Date: 10 March 2023

Location: Senate Rose Gardens, Old Parliament House

Screening: 7pm for 8pm start. Gates will open at 6.30pm.

Tickets: This is a free event. Ages 15+. Under 15’s to be accompanied by an adult.

Please note – alcohol is not to be brought to this event, and bag searches will be conducted upon entry. A range of beer and wine will be available to purchase on site.

Top Twelve Finalists

Follow Your Nose (G)

Producer & Writer: Ruth Pieloor
Director: Ujjwai Rai

A lonesome Clown searches for a sense of belonging.

The Way Sam Sees It (G)

Producer, Director & Screenwriter: Dan Sanguineti

When Sam, a talented photographer with Down Syndrome, sees a rainbow, he tries to capture his unique perspective.

Tied Together (PG)

Producer: Riley Eli Jones & Jade Whelan
Director & Writer: Riley Eli Jones

Rory can’t tie their shoelaces! Luckily, their older sibling, Billie, is there to help.

Dialogue Choice (G)

Producer, Director, Writer: James Foulds

​Playing out a difficult phone call.

First Date (PG)

Producer, Director, Writers: Craig Alexander & Nick Stannard

The first date between recently “retired” Super Villain, Theophile Kuntze, and Animal Justice Warrior (and Tik Tok Instructor), Lara Moonshine, doesn’t go quite as well as hoped.

Dead (PG)

Producer & Writer: James Edgar Lim
Producer, Writer & Director, Zac Bridgman

Thea Ruth joins the Department of Extra-terrestrial Affairs and Dams (DEAD) with a hidden agenda.

The Pride of Lions (PG)

Producer, Director & Writer: Trent Houssenloge

Conservationist Amy Dickman presents the complexities of lion conservation by sharing the voices of rural African communities living with lions.

Soul (PG)

Producer: Linus Wong
Producer, Director & Writer: Gabrielle Grégoire

After being confronted by her parents about her sexuality, Stefani is reminded through an other-worldly dance experience, that we are all just souls.

Locked Up (PG)

Producer, Director & Writer: Liz Creevey
Director & Writer: Ewout Rohling

Katrina struggles against her feelings of blame and guilt when she loses her best friend.

She/…They? (PG)

Producer, Writer, Director: Jade Breen

Jay is caught in the middle. Jay will never be her. But who are they really?

5 Star Sophia (M)

Producer: Joachim Ellenrieder
Producer, Director, Writer: Matthew J. Thompson

While Sophia’s career is on hold, she works hard at delivering food to pay the bills. On the job, Sophia finds herself in a dangerous position.

Connect (PG)

Producer, Director, Writer: Lilya Kichigina

A story of a young lesbian who learned how to be happy through openness and connection with others.

To find out more visit the Enemies of Reality website.

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