Lights! Canberra! Action!

7 March

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Please note, due to weather conditions, Lights! Canberra! Action! has been rescheduled to Saturday 7 March.

Competition meets creativity in the 17th annual Lights! Canberra! Action!. Shining a spotlight on Canberra’s talented filmmakers, who have been tasked with creating seven-minute short films exploring the theme ‘planted’, and incorporating 10 dictated items. If that weren’t impressive enough, the filmmakers have 10 days to shoot, edit and produce their film. Watch the top twelve finalists’ films in the picturesque Senate Rose Gardens.

Bring a picnic rug, cushion or chair and enjoy food and drink from Bentspoke beer garden and a range of local vendors including La Empanada and Pure Gelato. Entry is free. This event is licensed and BYO is prohibited.

Award Categories

The filmmakers will be competing in the following award categories. Thank you to our Lights! Canberra! Action! sponsors who make this event possible.

Best Film, presented by Screen Canberra

Best Acting Performance, presented by Perform Australia

Best Director, presented by Crux Media

Best Editing, presented by Cre8ive

Best Visual Effects/Animation, presented by AIE

Best Film under 18, presented by Sanguineti Media

Best Original Music, presented by Visabel

Best Screenplay, presented by Hot Dogma

Best Memorable Performance, presented by Stage Centa

Female Filmmaker, presented by Marisa Martin

Best Art Direction, presented by EOR Media

Best Sound Design, presented by Eclipse Sound and Lighting

Best Cinematography, presented by By George Studios

People’s Choice, presented by Cre8ive

Best Student Film , presented by Canberra Institute of Technology

Best Use of an Item, presented by National Capital Authority

Best Use of Theme, presented by International Year of Plant Health

Top 12 in Screening Order

This Mess

Producers: Ashley Parker and Joshua Pevensie, Director: Ashley Parker, Writer: Abhi Jeyakkumar

Angus can’t play outside because of the smoke. The mess he creates inside is reflective of the mess outside.


Producers/Directors/Writers: James Dyer & Matthew Thompson

Gossamer explores the mother-son relationship of Jordan and Susan and the rift time and nature tears between them.

On the Nature of Growth

Producer/Director: Christopher Curran, Writers: Christopher Curran & Trent Houssenloge

Tim goes from day to day, defeated by life, until a lively cactus helps him to remember his dead wife.


Producers/Writers: Erana Hanson, Donna Maree Hanson and Matthew Farrer, Director: Donna Maree Hanson

An accidental microchip implant releases nerdy Nigel’s inner cat.

Green Thumb

Producer/Director/Writer: Jack Downie

Plant enthusiast Sally finds a special green friend in the unlikeliest of places.


Producer/Director/Writer: Marko Matosevic

One last planet to terraform and then its back to Earth.

We Need to Talk About Forest

Producer/Director: Max Jasinski, Writers: Max Jasinski & Michael Caruana

Noah tries to convince Trey that their roommate Forest is not who he seems.

Therapy: The Musical

Producers: Kaitlyn Boyé and Janelle McMenamin, Director/Writer: Kaitlyn Boyé

A quirky therapist hopes to plant some positivity in the mind of a young client… the musical.


Producers: Merryn Byrne & Aditya Putcha, Director: Merryn Byrne, Writers: Thea Jade & Merryn Byrne

Teaching is hard, especially when you’re teaching cross-pollination to teenagers. Can lonely Mr Gardiner find his own love?

Working Title

Producers/Directors/Writers: Ashlee Kate Robertson & Jess O’Neil Waterhouse

Two budding writers meet with a team of producers to pitch their film ideas…


Producers/Writers: Sam Martyniak and Stephanie Jewell, Director: Sam Martyniak

Elena awakes from a car accident, struggling to make sense of what led her to her close call with death

The Best Story About Pizza You’ll Ever Hear

Producer/Writer/Director: Callum Lawrence

A 1970’s pizza guy stumbles upon a cult meeting taking place in a suburban garage.

Plus: Million Star Hotel

Producer/Director/Writer: Samuel Gumbrell

Father and son go hiking, After waking up during the night they discuss what they can, and can’t see.

Senate Rose Gardens