See the city in a new light

find hidden gems
2-18 March

See the city in a new light as the City Renewal Authority partners with Enlighten Festival in 2018 from 2 – 18 March.

Start your Enlighten journey exploring all the city has to offer after nightfall.  See the fairy lights, and find hidden gems in the city’s nooks and crannies.  Take the driver’s seat as you create, see and play with light.


Take part in workshops to create and use light in unique ways. There are two experiences to be part of.

Long exposure photography
Friday 2 and 9 March and Saturday 3 and 10 March

Draw pictures with light as our photographer captures your creations.

ACT Lighting Society workshop
Thursday 15 March and Friday 16 March
Tocumwal Lane

Visit the lighting display run by the ACT Lighting Society where participants experiment with different lighting sources and techniques. Want to be part of the action? Limited places are available to be part of the Friday 2 March workshop.

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See the city in a new light as installations illuminate different parts of the city.

Peak Stuff

Visit the corner of Alinga and Moore Streets, as
artists the Goldberg Aberline Studio (GAS) take over the Alinga St Footbridge with a huge colourful inflatable installation that spoofs the perils of consumerism and a lifetime collecting junk.

Expanding in, over and around the bridge, is a work that virtually lives and breathes and constantly moves as it catches the wind, over this once busy elevated pedestrian crossing.

The title of the work, Peak Stuff, is drawn from a statement made by the Head of Sustainability at Ikea: “If we look on a global basis, in the West we have probably hit Peak Stuff. We talk about Peak Oil. I’d say we’ve hit peak red meat, peak sugar, peak stuff… ”

Brought to you in partnership with Art Not Apart and Play Activation Network, this playful installation is visually engaging for audiences of all ages, with an underlying message – do you have room for all your junk?


As seen at VIVID Light Sydney in 2012, Cumulus comes to Canberra. Inspired by the changing weather patterns and colours from the original light artists Turner & Monet, McDermott and Baxter celebrate different shades of light throughout the day.

The colour-changing cloud representation of Cumulus, flanked by Nimbus and Discobolus suspended from above, showcases the delicate colours of sunrise, the brooding colours of an incoming storm and the rich tequila colours of sunset.

See Petrie Plaza in a new light

Visit Petrie Plaza, to see the area awash with colourful lighting.  The plaza will come to life as lights are used to highlight existing elements of the area creating a magical night time display.

Lonsdale roundabout by night

Visit the rainbow Lonsdale roundabout at night as it comes to life with rainbow coloured lights.


Don’t just stand there – go on and play!

Stardom in the city

The spotlight is on you in Garema Place. Visit Poets Corner to feel like a star.

Pic & Mix by night

Visit Civic Square on Friday 2 & 9 March and Saturday 3 & 10 March and take your seat at the Pic & Mix picnic tables complete with a pop up bar, turf underfoot and enlightening entertainment to delight.

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The city lights are brought to you by the City Renewal Authority in partnership with City and Braddon commercial property owners.




Popping up in the city