Roll of Honour projections at the Australian War Memorial

1 - 17 March

Each evening between sunset and sunrise up to 1,200 names from the Australian War Memorial’s Roll of Honour are projected onto the façade of the Hall of Memory (the dome).  The Roll of Honour lists the 102,000 men and women from Australia’s defence forces who have died in the service of our nation. This nightly commemorative event, which was initially delivered as part of the Memorial’s program to mark the centenary of the First World War, has been extended to include the names of all Australians who have died during, or as a result of, war service or war-like operations. 

Individual names are projected in groups by conflict or operation.  Each name is projected once every 3 months.

Visitors will be able to view the projections from the grounds of the Memorial in Campbell. The projections are a moving tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  For information on the projections, visit the Memorial’s website at

Australian War Memorial