Illuminations – National Gallery Of Australia

4 - 14 March

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The Balnaves Contemporary Series

Naarm/Melbourne based artist Daniel Crooks has been commissioned to illuminate the National Gallery’s façade for the 2022 Enlighten Festival.

Held in the 40th anniversary year of the National Gallery, Crooks’ project celebrates the design of the original gallery building by architect, Col Madigan. Using the architect’s original geometric language as a point of departure, Crooks has created a suite of visual manipulations spanning geometry, architecture and perspective. The work culminates in a series of vignettes that visually manipulate the gallery façade through volume, colour, light and sound.

Structured Light is part of The Balnaves Contemporary Series and is presented in partnership with Events ACT.

Curator: Elspeth Pitt, Curator, Australian Art.

“One of the things I’m trying to do with my work is to offer another way of looking at the world”

Daniel Crooks

National Gallery Of Australia