Illuminations – Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD)

4 - 14 March

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The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House (MoAD) celebrates the stories of Australian democracy and the power of our voices within it.

This year Enlighten illuminations celebrate our freedom to participate in the democratic process through open dialogue, commentary, and debate.

Drawn from two of our most popular exhibitions, we share the voices of visitors and wit of our political cartoonists as they poke, prod and parody the powers that be.

Visit MoAD when they open up their doors again end of April 2022.

Behind The Lines 2021: The Year in Political Cartoons

Exploring the theme of prophecy and chance. It recognises the prominence of uncertainty in this extended period of crisis and how we try to make sense of an ever-changing future. The illuminations feature a selection of cartoons from across the exhibition and spotlight the work of MoAD’s Political Cartoonist of the Year, Glen Le Lievre, as he sifts through the tea leaves of a whirlwind year. To explore all the cartoons in the exhibition, visit Behind the Lines an annual exhibition at MoAD. It celebrates the role of political cartoonists in Australia and highlights the power that their drawings have in contributing to our daily political and social discourse.

Dear Democracy

Featuring letters to Australia’s democracy written by visitors in the exhibition, Yours Faithfully. Using the written word, MoAD visitors have praised, challenged and re-evaluated democracy and are a reminder that each of us can contribute to the conversation.

Yours Faithfully invites you to come in and rediscover the art of letter writing; whatever the subject and whomever the recipient. Visit the exhibition at MoAD and experience the range of tools and supplies including beautifully restored typewriters. Leave your letter to share with other visitors or pop your piece of mail in MoAD’s post box.

Old Parliament House