Five Elements Orerry

4 - 14 March

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See a larger than life perspective on our future with the Five Elements Orerry @Enlighten Festival.

Five Elements Orrery is a kinetic wind and light sculpture stretching six metres tall with a seven metre circumference, within which spinning arms and rotating elements trace lazy and smooth sweeping arcs. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings that marked a cognitive leap into an industrial future, artist Hugh Burrell shares similar dreams, hoping to project his own ideas into reality.

The five elements lofted to the heavens in this work symbolise the Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Where an ‘Orrery’ originally sought to bring the Universe into focus for consideration, The Five Elements Orrery puts the original elements of creation above us. It reminds us that Earth is where our future lies; we shouldn’t plan our future with the stars as an escape plan. Covered in LEDs, this captivating work can be interacted with up close or enjoyed from a distance.

About the artist

The artist, performer and gypsy Hugh Burrell has been creating since he was born. Of late, he has turned his creative pursuits to designing staging and artwork for some of Australia’s premier festivals, including Burning Seed and Vivid Sydney.

A great artwork starts with an idea and Hugh is never short of those. With crystal clear vision and tenacity, he turns his concepts into larger than life sculptures that delight and amaze the audience. Hugh is dedicated to living and working sustainably, using found objects and recycled materials in his artworks. He divides his time between his Sydney city shared maker space and an isolated rain forest retreat on the northern NSW coast.

Event info

When: 4-14 March
Where: Upper Commonwealth Place, Parkes

Commonwealth Place, Parkes