Fibonacci’s Genie

4 - 14 March

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See a portrait of DNA three billion times larger than life @Enlighten Festival. Fibonacci’s Genie is a programable light sculpture, transforming genomic data into scrolling patterns of light, colour and sound – it uses genetic science as an art medium. At its core are the Fibonacci numbers, spelling out a new way of seeing DNA, and how its geometry relates to these numbers we find in nature and life.

Fibonacci’s Genie is 10m long and 61cm across, and represents 10 full turns of DNA. It has 100 pairs of programmable LEDs, lighting up the area in washes of colour and movement.

Programmed into it is the most abundant piece of genomic data on the planet – Rubisco. It is the enzyme that all plants use in their leaves to split carbon dioxide – fixing the carbon into their structure and releasing the oxygen in the process. The moving colours and accompanying soundscape are direct representations of this genetic code that is vital in one way or another to all life on earth, and critical to the climate crisis we are now facing.

About the artist

David Murphy is a visual artist and designer, living and working in Newport, Victoria. The bulk of his work in the past 25 years has been in site-specific, public artworks, and his studio practice, where he makes smaller sculptures. He also makes ephemeral and performance-based works, video and photographic images, theatre design, new musical instruments, and bespoke plywood bicycles. Much of his work deals with the intersection between art and science.

He has worked on a wide range of collaborative projects over the years, many of those were with Down Street Studios, where he worked with Cameron Robbins and Anderson Hunt for 15 years making public art. He has worked extensively in community art over the years, with much of his work spanning different art forms and genres.

Event info

When: 4-14 March
Where: Parkes Place, East Lawns, Parkes

Parkes Place East, Parkes