80’s Cocktail Masterclass

3 March

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Come join us for a special night at the most exclusive joint of the 80’s: the Members’ Bar at Old Parliament House! No longer the realm of Pollies alone, come receive a Cocktail Masterclass by Canberra’s ‘Martini Whisperer’.

Learn how to make the best cocktails from mixology’s most fanciful era alongside the untold stories of the 80’s nightlife in Canberra whilst enjoying a tailor-made suite of 80’s music performed by Matthew Dennett, Canberra’s leading pianist.

All guests will receive cocktail demonstration and tastings, alongside an iconic 80’s supper. You might learn how to mingle with a Martini, boogie with a Blue Lagoon or get down with a Grasshopper. Take home skills to impress at your next dinner party or add a finishing touch to a night in!

Event Info

When: Friday 3 March

Where: Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

Tickets: Adult: $97.95 – A booking fee may apply at the time of ticket purchase.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House