30th Birthday

2018 marks 30 years of Questacon as Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre! On 23 November 1988, Questacon–The National Science and Technology Centre was opened by then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke. The new purpose-built centre was co-funded by the government and business community of Japan as a bicentennial gift. In our 30th Birthday projection we look back at the construction of our building, celebrate our 30th year in 2018 and then look forward 30 years to what our world may look like influenced by new and immersive technologies and pose the question, ‘what future do you want?’.

Balloon Girl

Inspired by Questacon’s Colour exhibition, Balloon Girl features a young girl that finds herself in a black and white world. While travelling through different landscapes her interactions with her environment allow her to slowly discover more and more colour revealing new things she couldn’t see before. The Balloon Girl projection can be experienced in The Room of Missing Colours in Questacon’s Colour exhibition where visitors walk into in a room lit by a single colour changing the appearance of the objects within.


The fractals projection features moving fractals in the background and a prism in the foreground. Fractals are ‘self-similar’. This means that if you zoom in on a spot, the same shape recurs. In the foreground white light hits a prism separating the colours and creating a rainbow. Together, the fractals and prism create a beautiful display on the geometric design of the Questacon building.

Strange, Beautiful and Unexpected

The Electric Canvas explores and challenges the notions of density and gravity. Our everyday world is turned on its head in this animated sequence, where the “normal” properties of objects are juxtaposed. A balloon, light as a feather, floats up and causes the creature holding it to burst. A powerful hammer shatters into a million pieces as it strikes a precious and fragile vase.