About the Enlighten Illuminations & Installations

Learn about the stories behind the thought-provoking projections and installations at Enlighten Illuminations.

All projections and installations will be available to see from 3-13 March 2023. Over Pride Weekend @ Enlighten Festival (10-12 March) see the capital’s iconic buildings become canvases for a specially designed pride themed projection.



Winanggaay, Wagabaliri, Binyin

Pride Projection

This special Pride projection will be displayed on some of Canberra’s most loved and iconic buildings.

When: 8pm – 8.10pm and 10.50pm – 11pm, Friday 10 March to Sunday 12 March.

Where: Canberra’s six Cultural Attractions listed above

The special Pride projection was designed by Henry Nguyen, a Kaurna land based communication designer and illustrator originally from Vietnam.

The artwork represents the vibrancy and diversity of LGBTIQA+ communities as visibility and representation are crucial to one’s equality. Henry’s work is inspired by daily conversations and observation mainly on: gender politics, gender-neutral storytelling, the human-nature relationship, the self and folklores.

Explore other ways to celebrate LGBTIQA+ pride at Enlighten Festival.


The festival site will also feature several illuminated installations. View the Festival Map to get an idea of where the installations will be located.

Reflecting Hope

Artist: Clint Hurrell -The Grand Moment

This monumental golden trophy was inspired by the silhouette of a classical urn with the appearance of a giant lung and vertebrae like central column. The accompanying multimedia show involves a live controlled interplay between moving lights, laser animation and projection mapping to create an illusion that the heroic lungs are full of life.


Artist: Maurice Goldberg – The Beautiful and Useful Studio

Macrocosm is collaborative inflatable sculptural work created by Maurice Goldberg. The work is inspired by a small-scale ocean environment enlarged to a mega scale. The inflatable works are derived from sea urchins, clownfish and nudibranchs, which are colourful sea-slugs found around Australia. these oversized forms cluster together to create a playful immersive experience for festival visitors to wander through.


Artist: Joel Zika – Collide Public Art Initiative​ 

Ostensorium is a light installation which blends ancient decorative arts with illusionistic digital holographic technology. Artist Joel Zika has created this 3D digital sculpture which appears to float in front of audiences without a screen or a projection surface.  The work is made up of highly intricate animated illustrations using stunning marble and gold shapes which undulate and move playfully in front of audiences.



Artist: The Indirect Object

Oculus is a solar illuminated installation exploring pre-tech optical play. Inspired by vintage lighthouse beacons and early animation the praxinoscope, Oculus is a hands-on optical toy. Spin the turntable inside the beacon, watch the mirrors, listen to the sound design and experience the animation come to life. Each animation is different, but together they tell a story. 

Light Colour Humanity AR Experience

Artist: The Swayne Gallery of Australian Design and Monash University

Light Colour Humanity is an augmented reality experience encouraging the audience to identify significant Australian designed products and then reveal them above glowing illuminated cubes. Situated at both the Federation Centenary Fountains and the Canberra Museum and Gallery the experience invites you to share images of your favourite Australian innovation. 

Cultural Elements

Artist: University of Canberra

Cultural Elements is a project designed and produced by staff from the University of Canberra. The illuminated pillars celebrate key Indigenous elements that are deeply embedded in the university’s culture. They symbolise respect for the Ngunnawal people on whose land the Bruce campus stands and represent ‘culture and respect’, ‘diversity’, ‘innovation’, ‘trust’, ‘collaboration and unity’, ‘the future’, and ‘thinking differently and embedding culture’.   

LED Light Bars

Artist: Eclipse Sound and Lighting

This kinetic LED display is made up of 40 individual 360-degree rotating LED tubes. Supplied and installed by Eclipse Lighting and Sound, the LED tubes are mounted on a rotation control system that allows precise control, high brightness and a high refresh rate for a wide range of transitions, colours and effects.