Enlighten Illuminations & Installations

Learn about the stories behind the thought-provoking projections and installations at Enlighten Illuminations.

All projections and installations will be on display in the National Triangle and Festival Hub from 1-11 March 2024.


National Gallery of Australia

Vincent Namatjira

Australian Parliament House

Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught

Museum of Australian Democracy

Nordacious (James Hillier)

National Library of Australia

Vast photographic collection


The festival site will also feature several illuminated installations. A Festival Map will be available soon to see where the installations will be located.

VOLO VR Experience

Artist: Studio Go Go

Look down from the clouds as you soar through the sky in a da Vinci-inspired flying contraption – all without leaving the ground.

This VR headset experience lets you pilot one of four flying contraptions, transforming a regular old playground swing into an exhilarating aerial experience. Feel the flutter in your belly as your swing catches air and you glide over rugged terrain, soar as an ornithopter, or parachute slowly to earth.

Studio Go Go celebrate da Vinci’s fabulous aerial imaginings in this breath-taking work that offers four utterly unique experiences of flight.


Artist: AlexP

MAPP, an abbreviation of Mapping At Private Properties, is an interactive, mobile, point-and-shoot video-mapping system, with which imagery is projected from an old-fashioned stroller onto a surface.

Participants step into the light to be scanned. Then, within seconds of stepping away, they become part of a colourful projected work of art. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture all the picture-perfect moments!

Mycelium Network

Artist: Custom Fibre Optics

Sponsored by Gen Plus

Mycelium Network is a bespoke installation which is created on-site. It represents the intricate root structure of mycelium which thrives underground, hidden beneath our feet.

Thousands of colourful animated fibre optic strands pulse and sparkle with various levels of light intensity as if they are alive and communicating with other organisms around them.

Complete with hundreds of colour changing mushrooms, the display is a captivating and mesmerising show which stops you in your tracks and draws you in.

Fungi not only provide food and medicine for us but they also clean up pollution, restore forests and help other animals and plants thrive.

Please celebrate this amazing species and their connection with humanity and our planet.

Everything is Reflected Twice

Artist: Jina He

Embark on a transformative journey with an illuminated installation, seamlessly intertwining art and culture to forge a collective memory of the space. Through the colourful illumination, the installation endeavours to depict a 3-dimensional abstract representation of significant landmarks and events, re-establishing the site’s cultural and natural significance. The vibrant colours weave a captivating narrative, forming a discovery trail that enriches family and social activities.

Through the strategic composition of the landscape in the artwork—bending, bulging, and repeating—the piece encourages playful exploration, fostering a deeper connection to our capital and its rich heritage. Witness the reshaping of perceptions and initiating meaningful conversations at this immersive intersection of art and environment.


‘Siren,’ draws upon the symbology within the Cyberpunk genre, portraying a ‘Netrunner’; gifted hacker who is cybernetically augmented, ‘jacking into’ cyberspace through tendrils connected to brain-computer interface implants on the back of their neck. She ‘runs’ amongst the Internet, seeking systems to hack and concealed secrets to uncover. 

The installation engages with audiences through vibrant displays of programmable RGBY lighting that illuminate the Netrunner’s eyes and tendril connectors, guiding viewers through a three-stage narrative of the Netrunner’s latest Netrun. A motion sensor in her mouth allows audiences to interact and influence the lighting display creating dichotomies in the narrative’s outcome.

A smoke machine will plume smoke out of the back of her mind as she explores deeper and deeper into cyberspace and encounters systematic obstructions along her way.

UC Glow Domes

The University of Canberra is proud to be a creative partner of Enlighten and present the Glow Domes installation that celebrates the power of colour in promoting creative thought, a sense of joy and a feeling of wonder.

There will also be additional lighting displays on show around the city in celebration of Enlighten Festival. See the following buildings and landmarks light up in support of Enlighten Illuminations from 1-11 March.

  • Royal Australian Mint
  • Malcolm Fraser Bridge
  • Canberra Times Fountain
  • John Gorton Building
  • Canberra Airport
  • Treasury Building
  • All of Canberra’s light rail stops