Most Instagrammable moments at Enlighten 2018

This year’s extended Enlighten Festival program now features even more picture-perfect events and experiences than ever before. And let’s be honest, we’re all living for the gram.

Enlighten Festival transforms Canberra into a hive of activity from 2-18 March. Eat to your heart’s content at the Enlighten Night Noodle Markets; see beautiful illuminations and installations the festival is renowned for; enjoy live music and performances; and explore the culture and creativity of Canberra’s national attractions as they open their doors to host an array of exclusive events and surprising experiences.

The festival is packed full of light and colour but we have picked some of the most photogenic experiences not to miss! Because if you don’t share it on Instagram, did it really happen?


You can’t experience Enlighten without witnessing the Parliamentary Triangle come to life through large-scale projections on iconic Australian buildings like Parliament House and the Museum of Australian Democracy. Snap a picture in front of the stunning architectural projections, which run from 2-11 March with amazing roving artists, live bands and enchanting performances.

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Enter an installation landscape of giant, glowing, musical cocoons as METAMORPHOSIS pops up in the Parliamentary Triangle from 2-11 March. The colourful cocoons are invisibly interconnected; as you explore and try to capture the beauty of the interactive surround-sound installation, you may see a ripple of light pulse through many, or hear the whole field respond in harmony.

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Canberra Balloon Spectacular

Get down to the lawns of Old Parliament House to witness the Canberra Balloon Spectacular from 10-18 March, as more than 30 balloons from around the world will flood the Canberra skyline. This event has long been a favourite for keen photographers, so early risers are in for a treat. Not-so-early risers, we have coffee and breakfast available onsite to make it worth your while.

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Kayak the Dawn at the Balloon Spectacular

For a truly spectacular picture, join a two-hour kayak cruise to watch dawn break over the lake and see the hot air balloons soar above. Urban Adventures are running the tours during the Canberra Balloon Spectacular (10-18 March) in easy-to-use pedal kayaks, which keep your hands free to take photos of the festival soaring above.

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Surreal Nights

Pulsating hearts filled with neon gas will beat before your eyes lighting up the Canberra Glassworks. Be inspired by the masterpieces from Penny Byrne and Harriett Schwarzrock before channeling your own creative spirit. Make your own Enlighten souvenir in the hotshop or create a memento in the kiln on March 8.
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Enlighten Night Noodle Markets

Gooey chilli caramel, delicate cherry blossom cream, crispy pork belly burgers and fresh vegetable dim sim. A mouth full of adjectives has never sounded so appetising. Tantalise your taste buds and tease your Insta followers at the Enlighten Night Noodle Markets (2-11 March). Just in case you’re starting to get palpitations remembering the huge array of choice from last year, fear not. We’ve put together our top picks of the eats at the market. Be sure to also pick up a signature glow in the dark donut from Nutie Dessert Bar at Enlighten Alley on the East Lawns.

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E-Bike the Light Fantastic at Enlighten

The night will become alive around you as you glide along the lake’s edge on an electric bike glowing with luminous brilliance. Word to the wise; make sure to snap a picture from the view at Rond Terrace to see how Enlighten literally lights up the Parliamentary Triangle. Urban Adventures are running this tour 3-11 March.

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Wide Brown Land Sunset at the Arboretum

We suspect it is impossible to take a bad photo of the sweeping views at the Arboretum. Watch colours play in the twilight sky as the sun sets across our wide brown land at the National Arboretum Canberra on 6 March. Enjoy a scenic forest walk and return at dusk by torchlight to explore the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection.

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Long Exposure Photography Workshop

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but we reckon these pictures will surely be worth millions! Playfully capture the journey of light as you whirl and twirl all that glows and shines against the night sky. Thanks to the City Renewal Authority you can draw pictures with light as a professional photographer captures your creations on 2-3 and 9-10 March.

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